Scoring Engine


At Kredibel, we know every company and use case requires different configurations and scoring rules. That's why we created Scoring Engine, a tool that helps you to fully customize your risk scoring according to your use case and needs.

Scoring engine can only be applied to account screening

Custom Config and Rules

Synapses API allows you to set up a custom configuration and define custom rules. To use custom config and rules, you need to create it first from the synapses dashboard.

Create New Config

  1. Click the “Config” menu on the sidebar

  2. Click "Add New" button

  3. Add config’s name

  4. Setup the config and add some rules

  5. Save the config by click "Create New" button

  6. Your configId is on the id column

Create New Rules

  1. Open your existing config or create a new one

  2. Click tab "Rules"

  3. Click "Add New Rule" button

  4. Define the rule

  5. Click "Save Changes" button

How to Use

Please read the documentation here

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